Sunday, January 2, 2011

That WAS Then

My first problem was...How will I start this? It's so hard to remember all the things that happened last year. But there are some which are very memorable that left an indelible mark in my heart and my mind. :))

By the way, here are some of the highlights of my year 2010. Enjoy and be part of the roller-coaster ride of my life!


New Year Celebration

As what other people usually do, our family also started it with a BANG! We celebrated the new year in our house. We are not complete then since my brother, together with his wife and daughter celebrated it in Bulacan where my sister-in-law originally resides. As expected, all of us gained a little more extra pounds due to more likely non-stop eating.

The Much Awaited UPCAT Results

Another unforgettable day in my life...January 18, 2010. In the morning, I was saying, I hate this day, I hate this day! Because that was the day when the 2010 UPCAT Results was released. I have been feeling very much nervous since morning because I really don't know whether I can make it here or not. Pressure! Pressure! Pressure! In the afternoon, while having our class in Values Education, my sister called me and told me that I passes the UPCAT. And like them, I will or may also be enrolling in UPLB. Yehey! What a relief. As I came back to our room, I excitedly shared it with my classmates and they were all happy I made it here. And when I went home, I saw my father very happy for me. I know that he is very much proud of having her youngest daughter another UPCAT Passer. :)


Dahil wala kaming magawa.:))

Well, we don't have our Promenade last year. But we had the best days of our lives as High School students. We had the last day of examination sometime in February. After that, our only responsibility is to submit all the requirements for all our teachers to finish computing our grades. Then it will be up to us if we will come to school or not anymore. So, what we did was a non-stop photo-op, which was then used as presentation during our graduation.

Research Paper Defense

“Do you think you will be graduating this March?”
“Maybe, if I pass Research.”

That’s the most famous conversation between our class when asked about the progress in our Research Papers. Our school principal, who happened to be our Research teacher, is somewhat strict about our requirements. That is why she really gives full attention about it. We spent almost a year to finish that research paper and really be able to join the graduating class. But all our efforts didn’t go wasted since all of us passed and graduated on time. :)


Non-stop Photo-op

One time in March, our teachers gathered us to take our pictures that will be put in our souvenir program. After the formal photo-op, there came the non-stop wacky, stolen, and pa-cute class picture taking. Our class really loves taking pictures and then uploading it in Facebook. There are some very much stolen pictures uploaded, then we will post mean comments on it. It’s normal to us. We don’t get upset or irritated with each other even though we do such stupid stuff. We love each other ee. :))


Ah! I think the most awaited part of all of us. Even though it’s the saddest part of high school life, we know that there is still a greater challenge bound for us. After the program proper, giving of awards and recognitions came the closing part. The Salutatorian and the Valedictorian delivered their speeches respectively. After the singing of the Graduation and Farewell Song, we gathered ourselves for the final class picture and some other souvenir photos.


Completion of Feeding Program

I’m a Girl Scout. I worked to be awarded as Chief Girl Scout Medalist. I conducted a one-year feeding program for 25 less-fortunate children in one of the Barangays in our province. This month I finished the 25 required feeding programs and the month after I passed all the needed requirements.

Bagasbas Visit with Friends

This could be the last time that we will visit our favorite spot in town, the Bagasbas Beach. This was when my best friend, Bianca, told us that her family will be relocating to Manila since she is now studying in UST. Our barkada went for “huling hirit sa tag-init” and walked along the shoreline of the beach.


Pahiyas Festival

Haiy. The most tiring and stressful day of my life (I think). Me and my sisters went to Lucban, Quezon for the Pahiyas Festival. Actually, from the start, we already encountered problems. First, there is a fire happening along the road where we should be taking. So the three-hour ride to Sta.Cruz reached almost five hours. But, nothing can stop us. We planned this for a month already so we did not turn our backs. We decided to continue. After the bus-jeepneys-tricycle rides, we arrived there exactly noon time. The large crowd of people and the heat of the sun really suck! Ahh! All I want that time is to go home and sleep. Forget about the long-time plan and just relax. But, okay, we’re already there so we just roamed around, eat, and take pictures with the beautiful decorations in their houses. After just 4 hours stay in Lucban, we decided to go home. Unluckily, the buses are all loaded with passengers and we end up cutting trips. But when we are already in Calamba, we decided not to go home anymore since all of us are already very tired and sleepy. We checked-in in a hotel and then the next morning, we went home. The moment we arrived in our house, all I can say was, “What a relief?!” I promised not to come back there. :|

My Birthday

Oh well, who would have not enjoy her own birthday? That was the 27th day of May when I celebrated my 17th birthday together with my family, classmates, and friends. As what I always do, I invited only those who are really close to me. There is no grandiose party, just a simple sort of get-together before we finally part ways for college. After eating the snacks, some already went home while some stayed longer. When almost all decided to go, I asked my brother if he could send them all home. He agreed, so all my classmates rode our car and we “delivered” them door-to-door! :) That was the last time I saw my classmates before the sem break.


Evaluation of my Girl Scout Project
The day that I have waited the most came when the Regional Representatives arrived to evaluate my project. All went well. They asked questions about how I conducted and managed the program, where I got my fund for the project, and how did my project help in the development of the children. After asking, they congratulated me for a job well done. In that very moment, I felt very much fulfilled and full of happiness because I know that I have made a difference in their lives even with my simple efforts.

Start of Classes for the First Semester

Start of suffering?! Not really. On the first few days of classes, I haven’t yet really experienced all the hardships of college life. On the first day, there is supposed to be a tour around the campus but a heavy downpour of rain happened. So, the next day, an opening convocation was held. The officers of the administration and the deans of the different colleges were also present in the event. Afternoon that day, a college orientation was also given. We went to our college building and attended the event. The faculty and the staff of the College of Development Communication were presented to us. After that, some upper class students familiarized us with the different places and buildings in the campus through a tour around the campus. Then after that, many things already happened. Quizzes, Group Presentations, Reports, Research papers, Reaction Papers, Long Quizzes, Long Exams, and Finals. Those completed my first semester stay in the campus. Honestly, I also enjoyed even there are lots of hardships that came along the way. This was the start o a new friendship that developed between my classmates and my bloc mates. :)


My Uncle went home after almost 10 years!

Well, all he had to do here is just to attend their Class Homecoming/Reunion. But because he still have more time before returning back to California, he treated us and went on different places in our province. First, we went to Noah’s Ark Resort. It is situated in Brgy. Matacong, San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte. We didn’t stay there long. We just had some sight-seeing and picture taking along the river and other parts of the resort. Then we proceed to Pineapple Island Resort. It is a place where many gatherings are being done. There’s also a pond at the back of the rooms where you can ride a boat and catch fishes to be cooked then eaten while having picnic. But I recommend not to do so since the water is so dirty. Yikes! :| The last spot we went was the Little Tagaytay Resort in Basud, Camarines Norte. It’s not as beautiful as the “real” Tagaytay though but you could still consider it as a tourist spot since it is located in the highlands, you can see the beautiful view of the fronting Taba-Taba Beach. That day was so full of tiring yet joyful activities. Oh how I wish it doesn’t end. But with a very limited time for me and my uncle, we now then have to bid good-bye and part ways again.

My First Time in Tagaytay! :))

It was a fine Saturday morning when my siblings planned to go to Tagaytay since my uncle will soon be leaving again. We fetched him in the hotel where he is staying and then proceeded to Tagaytay. We arrived there by lunch time so we first ate lunch at Leslie’s. As we were eating, we are being amazed by the beauty of the Taal Volcano just sitting almost in front of us. Then after that, we went on a tour around the place. We went to the Tagaytay Municipal Hall, the Senior Citizens’ Park, and in the Mahogany Market. When it’s starting to get dark, we decided to go to Taal Vista Hotel to have a better view of the volcano. While we were there, we had a little conversation then some picture-taking and then later on went home. That was another unforgettable day in my 2010. :)

Math 11 Midterm Exams

Oh no! The day that I really didn’t like the most. Ever since high school, I really have a hard time dealing with Math. Almost all my grades are high except in this subject. There comes a time when I got a grade of 79 which is supposed to be written in the report card. Thank God there’s removal exam. I managed to make it higher and turn it into 80%. So, this college, I didn’t expect that I will be having Math subject for the first semester. Ahh, Algebra! It sucks! I hate it very much! When we are about to take the exam in the morning, I felt relaxed maybe because I know that I reviewed and confident that I can answer the problems and will not get a failing grade. But at the same time feeling very much nervous what if I get mental blocked? What will happen to me? Oh no! Fail! Fail! Fail! After how many days, the blue books were returned, all I can see is a cinco, a failing grade of 5.:(. The worst day everrrr!

Communis Quiz Contest

The DevComSoc yearly sponsors a Quiz Contest for DevCom10 students. Since we were then in DevCom10, me and my two other classmates decided to join in the said event. We were not expecting anything. All we wanted was to join to have fun and also to experience the feeling being in a contest like that. There was the Easy round, we were lucky we are still included in the Top 10. Then the Average round followed and we were still in the race. After the Difficult round was finished, we were surprised because our group placed second in the over-all. But there is still a Final and Jackpot round where we are tasked to answer questions and guess who the person is behind the stars. After several questions and some guessing, we raised our flag to answer the question “Aside from assassination of Sen. Benigno Aquino, Sr., what significant event also happened in August 21?” One group raised their flag and answered, but they were wrong. Then our group bravely answered “Plaza Miranda Bombing.” To our surprise, that was the correct answer. And after that, we were declared the 2010 Communis Champions. We received certificates, medals, and cash prizes. :D There’s also free snack during the contest. :)


NASC2 Field Trip

A day spent for learning yet for enjoyment. Our professor in NaSc2 organized a field trip for our class for us to be able to understand and learn more about the living earth. It was a Monday morning when the trip was set. We waited for a little while before we finally left. First we went to PHIVOLCS in UP Diliman. There we were taught how to measure the intensity of an earthquake, its origin and its aftershocks. Then we went to National Institute for Geological Science, also in UPD. We watched a documentary and toured in a museum where several marine species and fossils are situated. There are some students guiding and explaining to us how some of them functions and many other things. The last place we went was the PAGASA in Quezon City. A small seminar was conducted for us to teach us some things about the weather and some typhoons happening to us and some other things. After the tiring day, we went back to UPLB and was tasked to make a reaction paper about the whole trip.

First get together in MOA

After 5 months of not seeing each other, some of my high school classmates and I met in Mall of Asia. We just hang out for a while then ate and walk a lot. It was a tiring day yet an unforgettable and enjoyable one since I really missed all of them very much. :)


Sembreak! @@)

What a happy time! Break from all the stresses college life is giving. I enjoyed my sembreak very much. We had a small get together in our house, we went back to our high school and we went to our classmates house because it's fiesta in their town. Super fun! :)

Bagasbas, we are back!

After many months of being apart from our hometown, my classmates and I saw each other again and decided to go to Bagasbas Beach, our favorite tambayan in town. :) We walked, walked, and walked until the almost end of the beach. It's almost night time when we got there so we then decided to go leave the place and ate in our favorite restaurant, KSarap!


All Soul's Day. ^^

We went to the cemetery to pay visit to our departed relatives. It was a rainy afternoon but because we always come to the cemetery on the first o November, we still continue even if it's already a little bit flooded.

Enrollment for Second Sem

Long lines in front of Land Bank. That's all I can say. I was supposed to pay for my matriculation fee on the 8th day but because the bank is already closed and cannot accommodate us anymore, we were forced to go home instead and return back the next day. Nasayang lang ang oras ko! :|


The happiest month of the year! Many things happened this month.

Cousin's Wedding
First, my cousin got married. My mother who served as one of the primary sponsors attended the event in Malolos, Bulacan. We accompanied her to also witness the i think happiest day in my cousin's life. That day also looks like a family reunion because almost all the relatives of my mother attended the event.

Second, Christmas Break! Yahoo! Another break from all the stress of college.

forr-eii's Christmas Paretyyy!

Third, a Christmas Party of forr-eii. For the third time, I think, we again gathered for our first Christmas Party after our graduation from high school. There was no formal program, just a nonstop UNO game, truth or dare, picture taking, and dinner. For a change, we ate at Alvino's (Roasted Chicken).

Christmas Day

Of course, Christmas! Noche Buena! ^^. Ahh, lots of food. Since we are complete last Christmas, there is always food ready to eat anytime. That is why I gained not just little but a lot of pounds during the Christmas season. But I still love this season! :)) Happy Birthday Jesus!

Kiddie Christmas Party

Lastly, I conducted a Christmas Feeding Program or the kids who are the beneficiaries of my Girl Scout Project. I cannot describe the happiness I saw in their faces. It was really heartwarming. I promise to come back there again. :)

Those were the highlights of my 2010. Hope it inspired you and also me to have a more prosperous and delightful one this year.

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