Sunday, January 2, 2011

Have a Break, Have a Christmas! :))

It's always been cold since the start of the -Ber months. This time, you can say that Christmas is fast approaching. As early as this, you can hear Christmas carols playing, Christmas lights began to dazzle and sparkle in some places and other decorations are also being displayed. One great example is the Christmas decorations of the University of the Philippines-Los BaƱos.

Even before I entered the university, I was already really excited about the Christmas decorations that will be displayed this season. My older siblings have been telling me stories about this when they were still studying here. They say that there are really great decorations and many people are truly enjoying it.

This year's Christmas decorations include a Santa and his reindeers on the side of the DevCom Bldg., a giant Christmas Tree near the Administration Office and a giant Belen (with a loft) as its centerpiece.

Let me ask, Have you been to UPLB? Maybe some of you already did. Well, I'm proud to say that this is where I am studying now. The first time I saw its decors, all I can say was, WOW, ang ganda! That is why, one fine Sunday afternoon, I invited my sisters to pay a visit here and to see what this year's decorations are.

We first went to the left side where the Christmas tree stands. The giant Christmas tree is made out of twigs painted in white, carefully put together to form a nice looking and towering one. It was decorated with Christmas balls of different colors and some Christmas lights. There are wrapped gifts underneath the giant Christmas tree.

Then we went to the other side to take a look at Santa in his sleigh together with this reindeers, led by rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer. It was, I think an additional decoration since it was the last to be built among the three. It was so great that it really looks like it's flying.

The last spot we went was the Belen (now improved with a loft). The most important, I think, decoration since it symbolizes or represents the night Jesus was born. It was made out of life-sized sculptures of Mama Mary, Joseph, the Three Kings, and of course, Baby Jesus.

Even though there are really wonderful and stunning Christmas decors, we should not forget the true meaning of Christmas which is giving love and sharing what we have. :)

Until now, even if it is already the third day of January, it is still available for viewing and for photo-op. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out now and experience it with your families and loved-ones.


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