Friday, November 26, 2010

Windows or Linux? You decide!

People have been using Windows as their operating systems for a long time already. But now there's a new one battling for its place-- Linux.

There are many differences between these two operating systems. Let me give you a few:

> Aside from being cheaper than Windows, Linux can also be availed for free. Imagine their difference, Windows could sometimes be as expensive as $50.00 - $150.00 US dollars.

> However, Windows is more user-friendly than Linux. Windows made more advancements and alterations that make it more suitable than Linux.

> When it comes to the rate of their reliability, Linux could be have higher rate than Windows. Although Windows have already made advancements, it still cannot match the reliability of Linux.

> Linux also has more softwares available, but windows have greater number of softwares you can choose from.

> In addition, the software programs, utilities, and games in Linux are very available at low cost or even for free. As compared to Windows, which could sometimes cost $20.00 - $200.00+ US dollars per copy.

> Undeniably, Windows still has a much larger support for hardware devices and a good majority of hardware manufacturers support their products in Microsoft Windows. On the other hand, Even though Linux companies and hardware manufacturers have made great advancements in hardware support for it, many companies still do not offer drivers or support for their hardware in Linux.

> Security is very much important to all the users, that is why Linux secured everyone that it is and will always bee a very secure operating system. Despite all the efforts being exerted by Windows, still they are very much vulnerable to virus and other attacks as compared to Linux.

> Unlike Windows, Linux is open source, meaning anyone who use it have the ability to change, customize or modify the code however they wish to.

Linux could be very young in the business, but there will come a time that many people could also appreciate it, and would realize that it could really be better than Windows.

Now, it's up to you to choose. Windows or Linux? You decide.


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